Why CruzSur Energy?

CruzSur Energy Corp. is an international oil and gas company, aggressively executing our business plan by positioning in countries where we can grow production, explore for new reserves and create shareholder value. Our initial focus is South America, currently Argentina and Colombia.

The Company has initiated activities with an initial focus in Colombia and Argentina. CruzSur is applying a two-pronged approach to growth, establishing a base of production, development and exploration assets through selective acquisitions, and a joint venture in an undeveloped heavy oil asset with YPF, the Argentine national oil company. In parallel, the Company is proving up the San Jorge southern basin edge as a regional heavy oil province, a portfolio that the Company expects will support consistent future growth through drilling. In the future, we intend to duplicate our business model across basins in Colombia and Argentina and consider expansion into other countries in South America on an ongoing basis.

The pace of oil and gas exploration and development in countries around the world is dictated by geology, market forces and the impact of government policy and regulation. These factors have combined today to create opportunities in South America. The initial countries of interest to the Company are Argentina — where the energy vision of the Macri government is beginning to reverse fifteen years of underinvestment in the country; and Colombia — where the country has restructured its energy policies to appeal to foreign companies to achieve long-term self-sufficiency in natural gas and extend the access to natural gas to a much larger percentage of the cities across the country.

A key to the Company’s business plan is positioning — being in the right place at the right time with the right resources. The Company intends to focus on countries that are welcoming to foreign investment, that provide attractive fiscal terms and/or offer opportunities that have been previously ignored or undervalued. CruzSur believes it has picked the optimal time in the political and market cycles to position in Colombia and Argentina, achieving negotiating and pricing advantages. The combination of drill ready development projects with massive game changer heavy oil fields means that the Company can develop cash flow while working on the large-scale projects.


The Right Team

Engage qualified, experienced and motivated professionals

CruzSur’s Management consists of a core team of senior international oil and gas professionals, with extensive heavy oil expertise, in-depth knowledge of managing public companies, and experience growing profitable businesses. The team has on-the-ground international experience successfully developing large heavy oil assets in South America, specifically in Venezuela and Argentina, as well as other parts of the globe. This experience facilitates an awareness of the fundamentals of opportunity and risk, of problems and resolutions, and what resources are needed to get the job done. It also brings a network of professional relationships that can be drawn upon to bring new business.

Management believes that establishing an effective local presence is essential for success — one that is familiar with the local operating environment, the local oil and gas industry and local companies and governments to establish and expand business in-country. We have established offices in Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have engaged qualified and respected local management and professionals.


Significant Assets

A balanced portfolio of production, development & exploration opportunities

The most effective risk mitigation in international oil and gas is diversification, and the highest chance of success results from a diverse portfolio of independent opportunities. We believe that developing a world-class deposit in parallel with expanding production is a platform for growth with a larger pathway to high profile production and profits.

The Company’s drill-ready gas development Maria Conchita block is located in close proximity to both gas trunk lines and the favorable dynamics of the Colombian gas market. The Company’s other gas blocks in Colombia offer high impact exploration opportunities.


Focused Strategy

Do business in familiar countries with familiar people and familiar assets

CruzSur’s business model is a bringing together of peoples’ knowledge and relationships into a single entity with a single purpose. We have identified heavy oil in Argentina as a truly world-class opportunity that has been overlooked during years of under-investment in the country. While the super-major international oil and gas players are focused on the Vaca Muerta, validating our thesis that the timing is right for our entry into Argentina, CruzSur has acquired a large portfolio of conventional heavy oil assets where we can realize better value. In parallel, we have positioned in gas properties where Colombia needs additional reserves and supply in a market with growing demand.

Assets and opportunities that are offered globally and packaged to attract the larger players will receive a premium price. Our approach is based on identifying opportunities where the combination of our strategic relationships, established technical know-how and access to capital provide compelling opportunities to act at the lowest level of risk.


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